Essays and Criticism

Ali Alizadeh’s essays, book reviews and literary articles have appeared in many journals and magazines. Some published critical pieces available online:

‘You Can Have Your Canon and Read it Too’ in Australian Humanities Review issue 60.

‘A Terrible Beauty’ in Sydney Review of Books.

‘Christos Tsiolkas and the Antinomies of (His) Commitment’ in Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature 16.1.

‘A Gigantically Obvious Wrong Thing’ in Sydney Review of Books.

‘Poetic Slaves to Ideology’ in Sydney Review of Books.

‘What I’m Reading’ on Meanjin blog.

‘Regimes of Reading’ in Sydney Review of Books.

‘The Subject Supposed to Read: the Case against the E-reader’ in Australian Humanities Review 56 (May 2014).

‘On Modern Representations of Joan of Arc’ on Readings blog.

‘2013 in Poetry’ on Overland blog.

‘Literary Radicals, Revolutionary Acts’ on Overland blog.

‘The Poetic Inaesthetic: Theorising the Contemporary Beyond Postmodernism’ in Aesthetics volume 23 number 1 June 2013.

‘Six Vowels and Twenty Three Consonants: on Translating an Anthology of Persian Poetry’ in The AALITRA Review number 6 May 2013.

‘Art and Emancipation’ in Sydney Review of Books.

‘Success: desire, prohibition and resentment’ on Southerly blog.

‘Community: networks, nepotism and exclusion’ on Southerly blog.

‘Progress: ethics, awards and the environment’ on Southerly blog.

‘Australia: literature, ideology and fetishism’ on Southerly blog.

‘Uprising’ on Overland blog.

‘The Truths of Death’
on Overland blog.

‘Best of 2012: the top 10 poetic works’ on Overland blog.

‘The Realpoetik Manifesto’ with Jessica L. Wilkinson in Cordite Poetry Review (first published in The Victorian Writer.)

‘Poetics of society: expression and the mute speech’ on Overland blog.

‘The Poetics of Unplacement’ on Poetry International Web (first published in Thresholds: Essays on the International Prague Poetry Scene, Litteraria Pragensia Books, Prague, 2011.)

Review of Australian Poetry Since 1788 on Overland blog.

‘The Revolution to Come?’ in Overland Occupy, special online supplement 2012.

Debate: ‘That Australian Poetry should attempt to bring poetry into the mainstream’ in Overland issue 205.

‘For and against a digital avant-garde’ on Overland Blog.

‘The obscure object of e-reading desire’ on Overland Blog.

‘The internet — friend or foe to the small magazine?’ on Overland Blog.

‘Barbarism, politics and the poet-blogger’ on Overland Blog.

‘The death of the book, and other utopian fantasies’ on Overland Blog.

‘Digital writing and oral storytelling’
on Meanland.

‘Ali Alizadeh reviews Maria Takolander and Claire Potter’ in Cordite Poetry Review issue 35.

Review of Petra White’s The Simplified World in HEAT Poetry Online.

Review of Vicki Viidikas: New and Rediscovered and Kerry Leves’s A Shrine to Lata Mangeshkar in Southerly 70.3.

‘Ali Alizadeh reviews John Mateer’
in Cordite Poetry Review issue 33.

‘Ali Alizadeh reviews Tatjana Lukic’ in Cordite Poetry Review issue 31.

‘Under the Skyscrapers, the Sand’ in Sydney Ideas Quarterly issue 2.

‘Ali Alizadeh reviews Bronwyn Lea and Kevin Hart’
in Cordite Poetry Review issue 30.

‘Ali Alizadeh reviews Philip Mead’ in Cordite Poetry Review issue 29.

‘Eyes in Times of War’ in In/Stead winter 2008 issue 2.

‘Ali Alizadeh reviews Charles Simic’ in Cordite Poetry Review issue 28.

‘Hidden Signs of a City’ in Cordite Poetry Review issue 28.

‘Introduction’ for editor Sheema Kalbasi’s anthology Seven Valleys of Love.

‘Ali Alizadeh reviews Dimitris Tsaloumas’ in Cordite Poetry Review issue 27.

‘On Contemporary Poetry in Iran’ in Salt Magazine issue 1.

‘The Poetics of Sufi Madness’, catalogue essay for Peter Daverington’s Dervishes Series.

‘Ali Alizadeh reviews Anthony Joseph’ in Cordite Poetry Review.

‘Chinese Literature, Anyone?’ in Beijing Review number 5, 1 February 2007.

‘Ali Alizadeh reviews Ian McBryde and Tim Sincalir’ in Cordite Poetry Review.

‘Wandering in Wuhan’ in Cordite Poetry Review issue 23.

‘Review: Gotterdammerung Cafe by Andrew Taylor’ in API Review of Books issue 44 July 2006.

‘Converting History into Poetry: Examples from La Pucelle, in In/Stead spring 2005 issue 1.

‘Review: Shadow Selves by Deb Mathews-Zott’ in Network Review of Books September 2004.

‘Confused About Sufi Poetry?’ in Saloni M.

‘Iran, War, Displacement and my choice of Joan of Arc’ in TEXT volume 1 number 7 October 2003.

‘Towards a Poetics for the Epic: the Case of Ditie de Jehanne d’Arcin TEXT volume 5 number 2 October 2001.